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Welcome. We are responsible and reputable Dalmatian show exibitors and hobby breeders of top quality Show Dalmatians & Dalmatian puppies, located on a quaint farmstead just outside of Lindsborg, Kansas. We have owned Dalmatians for 24 years and have been participating in the wonderful sport of AKC dog shows for over 21 years. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit.

We hope you enjoy your visit and find helpful information about the beautiful and intelligent breed of Dalmatians. JLS Dalmatians is dedicated to promoting & protecting the health, temperament, soundness, and overall integrity of this wonderful breed, the Dalmatian.

Our Dalamatian dogs and puppies compete in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Rally, Road Dog, Fly Ball and serve as Therapy Dogs, READ (Reading Education Assistance Dogs), Public Education canine ambassadors, one is a Service Dog, one is a Seizure Assistance Dog and one is a Guide Dog!

Proudly a member of:

Dalmatian Club of America
(United States of America)

Heartland Dalmatian Club
of Greater Kansas City

(Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas City, Kansas)

Dalmatian Organization of Tulsa
(Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Board Member & PawPrint Editor of the
Salina Kennel Club
(Salina, Kansas)

Board Member, Development Committee Chairman & Supporter of the
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation

Patron of the The Spotter
The Official Publication of the Dalmatian Club of America

Dalmatian Companion Pets
Our Dalmatian puppies make great pets and companions! Read testimonials and see pictures of our happy Dalmatians and their loving families...


Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton #1 Dalmatian in US for 2002
Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winning AKC Champion Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton (L) Dalmatian Club of America Registry of Merit Sire #1 Liver Dalmatian Stud Dog for 2005 #1 Show Dalmatian in the US in 2002 (campaigned 7 months!) all breeder/owner handled by Julia Soukup with no advertising!
#4 Dalmatian in 2003 in selective showing only.
#7 Dalmatian in 2004 in very limited showing.
Five consecutive years in the Top 20!
2002 Pedigree Award Winner, 2003 Westminster AOM,
DCA 2004 Best Stud Dog & AOM under breeder judges!

Also a top producing Dalmatian Register of Merit sire!
Unretouched Head study photo above by Gilda Turner.

"Newt", MBISS Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM (L) had a grand time showing in 10 & Over Veteran class at the 2012 DCA National Specialty show! Love my boy!

Our Obedience & Performance Dalmatians
Our Therapy Dog & Service Dog Dalmatians
Our Guide Dog Dalmatians
Our Reading Education Assitance Dog
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Dalmatian Standard
Dalmatian Health Information
Dalmatian FAQ's
Dalmatian Rescue

by Julia Soukup
Diet and Protocol for A Healthy Dalmatian
Roadworking Your Dalmatian
Dalmatian Breed Characteristics

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The latest show ring wins, brags or announcements regarding JLS bred puppies, owned or sired Show Dalmatians.


Mosey, JLS Just A Moseying Along came out to play for one day for the first time since October at the Wichita, KS shows. He took RWD to his mature and beautiful JLS cousin, Jagger.

Spiffy, JLS Spiffy Gentleman went to two days of the Wichita, KS shows to learn how to be a show dog again. He hasn't been shown since August 2015 due to me finishing his litter brothers first. He took WD and RWD! Good job Spiffy!


Figgy, Ch JLS Freckled Fig Bar None is tied for Dalmatian Club of America #1 Dam for 2016 with four Champion kids! We are so very proud of our sweet girl. Figgy is a daughter of Newt, Ch JLS Just A Fig Newton ROM and was bred by Julia Soukup, Keith Carlton and Rob Lawson and is owned by Julia Soukup. Thank you to sires Ch Blackie, Ch OD and Ch Dove for helping to make good kids with Figgy. And thank you to co-owners Newills, Albrechts and Bartels for helping me to make this happen last year! It took a good team. Congrats to Ch Dubby, Ch Sergeant, Ch Antonio and Ch Bacon! Son Captian was so close, only needing 1 single to finish last year too.


"Captain", JLS & Bardolyn's Captain Figg (Bartels/Soukup) wins four more points taking WD all four days in Chickashaw, OK on Thursday, Nov 17, 2016 through Sunday, November 20, 2016. Just shy 1 point to finish this year that would give his dam "Figgy" 5 Champions in 2016 and 3 from one litter!

"Barkles", JLS Bark Out Loud (L) takes RWD all four days in Chickashaw, OK on Thursday, Nov 17, 2016 through Sunday, November 20, 2016.

Barkles, JLS Bark Out Loud wins RWD at the Ozarks Kennel Club show on Thursday, November 10 and Sunday, November 13, 2016. under judge Judy Bendt on November 12, 2016.

Captain, JLS & Bardolyn's Captain Figg (Bartels/Soukup) wins WD for 2 points at the Ozarks Kennel Club show under judge Judy Bendt on November 12, 2016.


Mosey, JLS Just A Moseying Along wins a major WD at the Heartland Dalmatian Club of Greater Kansas City specialty show under breeder judge Diana Skibinski at 7 months old! Mosey takes RWD at the afternoon Specialty under judge Grace Fritz. He also takes RWD at the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club 1 & 2 under judges Joan Lester and Vicki Abbott. Thank you to the judges for liking him consistently all weekend despite my handling inconsistency, slightly handicapped this weekend. LOL.

Captain, JLS & Bardolyn's Captain Figg (Bartels/Soukup) wins a Specialty Supported major WD at the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennnel Club (1) show on October 16, under breeder judge Joan Lester handled by Ramona Browning.

More What's New

More Featured Dalmatians...
Caesar Church Mascot
Dalmatian With A Calling...
"Caesar", JLS Caesar Augustus Schumacher (L), is a Church & School mascot for the Church of St Joseph, loved by Father Patrick Schumacher.
James Brown listening to a child read
Dalmatian Listens to Kids Read...
"James Brown" CH JLS I Feel Good CD RN, CGC, Delta Therapy dog, READ (Reading Education Assistance Dog) and his owner/trainer Shirley May visit schools and libraries as part of a Reading program for children.
Reading Education Assitance Dog & Therapy Dog article.

Dalmatian to Make School visits...
JLSugar Cookie (L) "Cookie" (Eagle x Taffy I) is a certified Delta Therapy Pet Partner passing the Pet Partners Skills Test (PPST) and Pet Partners Aptitude Test (PPAT) with flying colors and is qualified to vist in complex environments (which is the highest visitation qualification). Congratulations to Jo Harris and Cookie! Job well done. Jo is a school teacher and they hope to begin school visits soon. (Cookie is 4 years old but is pictured as a puppy)
D'Leo is a Tail Waggin Tutor!
Dalmatian is a Tail Wagging Tutor for Children...
"D'Leo", UAG2 ASCA CD JLS Roaring To Go CD RE TDI (L) is a Tail Wagging Tutor at the Nicoma Park Library! Children like to read to their new spotted friend.
Dalmatian Seizure Assistance Dog...
"Jinx", JLS Dori Hartely's Crying Sky CGC, TDI (L) is now owned by Danielle and is her seizure response service dog. Jinx goes with Danielle to college and helps her when she has a seizure.
Dalmatian Service Dog...
"Caden", JLS Leading The Cavalcade is owned by Lindsay Neil and Julia Soukup and is Lindsay's service dog. Unfortunately, Caden was retired as a Service Dog due to a acquired health issue, but that in no way diminishes his willingness and capabilities.
See Therapy Dog/Service Dog Article featuring JLS Dalmatians in The Spotter Spring 2010 Issue (page 72).
Click here for online issue! Or read the article as PDF pages here!
(Note: article is in three collumn format so please read 1st collumn, 2nd and then 3rd. It is a bit confusing the way it was laid out for the magazine.)
"Unless one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France


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