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    What's New? ~ 2016

May 2016
Bacon, JLS Everybody Loves Bacon (Albrecht/Soukup) wins WD for his third Major at the Sunflower Kennel Club show on May 7, 2016 under judge Janet Allen. "Sergeant", JLS & Bardolyn's First Sergeant wins RWD. Bacon wins WD on May 9 for 1 pt under judge Gerald Penta.

Captain, JLS & Bardolyn's Captain Figg (Bartels/Soukup) wins WD for a 3 pt Major at the Salina Kennel Club show on May 8, under judge Dr. Wanda Spediacci.

April 2016
Orio, JLS Black Fig Orio BN RE CGC earns her Rally Excellent title on April 24, 2016 with two 1st Places and a 4th Place. Good job Orio and Debbie Fryhling!

January 2016

"Macaroni", IntComCH-B IntBIS, U-AG1 JLS Yankee Doodle Dandy NJ, BN, RA, TDI (L) earned his first Barn Hunt RATN (Novice) leg today at his first trial in Norman Oklahoma at Four Hoof Drive Ranch Sorting and was the high scoring Novice dog at 32.34 seconds with a Q and a First Place. Good job Jane and Macaroni!

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